About us:



Paul Dupuis

Raised in the Bow Valley, Paul spent his childhood skiing and exploring the mountains he calls home. When he was not outside riding his bike and causing trouble, he was often tucked away in his bedroom exploring his parents’ vast music collection. As he grew older, his ear and taste for music became apparent. He started DJ’ing at his friends’ parties and social events, eventually, taking the decks at night clubs. From there he decided to take mixing to the next level, and formed the DJ group “Night Oowls” with his best friend Russell Kennedy. The word quickly spread and the Duo became very popular in the Bow Valley.  Paul’s musical strength comes from a vast knowledge and taste in almost every genre imaginable. You will also note his uncanny ability to read a crowd and bring it to life. From the swinging 60’s, to the hippest of modern Electronic, Paul’s selection is guaranteed to help you fall in love all over again. 



Russell Kennedy

Born and raised in beautiful Lake Tahoe California, Russell moved to the Bow Valley upon graduating high school to pursue his dream of becoming an Olympic Ski racer. During this time, he fell in love with the inspiring scenery, and became obsessed with capturing the stunning landscapes through photography. Since then, Russ has centered himself as one of the Bow Valleys most interesting photographers, working for companies such as Stoneheim, Buff, and Cross Country Canada. Along with this commercial work, Russell has also committed himself to another photographic passion; showcasing love in the mountains. With countless weddings and customers under his belt, he has developed an amazing eye for detail and showcasing the loving uniqueness of each couple. He's passionate about his work and can't wait to start working with each new couple!