Olympic Experience Pt. 1 "The Arrival"

To be completely honest, there has been so much excitement that the reality of being at the Olympics as not really sunk in yet. So far, it's been extremely busy and I haven't even competed yet!

I started my Olympic experience with a chartered Air Canada flight from Calgary. Upon arrival, I settled into the athletes village. The village is ridiculously cool! It's essentially a mini-town with all the amenity's one could ask for. There is a ginormous eating hall where all the athletes communally eat together, hairdressers (where I got a pretty cool Korean haircut), and the biggest laundry facility you could imagine, (sounds boring but it's pretty mind blowing). So far, team Canada has been an amazing support system and I feel at home!


The opening ceremonies were crazy. Walking into the ceremony next to the Canadian Flag bearer was one of the proudest moments of my life. Ever since I was a little kid I remember watching the ceremonies with my family. To actually walk in representing my country was beyond surreal. I've skied on the race course several times and it's crazy difficult. Not only are the climbs super tough, but the wind is enough to blow down a small child. 

Opening Ceremony-1.jpg

Anyways, I'm going to try and keep an updated blog to share this experience with you all. Going to the Olympics has been a life long dream, and I want to share this feeling with those who have supported me. Wether you hired me as your wedding photographer, wrote words of encouragement on my instagram, or supported me in other ways, THANK YOU! I would have never been able to live my childhood dream without you.

Stay tuned,




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