C O M B I N E D P A C K A G E : $ 6250


At Black and White, we wish to make your wedding planning process as simple as possible. This package combines photography and videography at one great price. When you book both photography and videography, you’ll save 10%.

The details of the Combined Package are described below. Please contact us through our contact tab and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. We look forward to working with you.


P H O T O G R A P H Y :

12 hours of wedding day photography. 

Bridal party preparations (Hair, makeup, etc)

“A first look” 

Groom’s preparation



Cocktail hour


Cake cutting

First Dance

Dancing/ Party


The Black and White package also includes having all your photo’s digitally edited and touched up.  Once the process is complete, the photos will be arranged in a personal digital viewing gallery. 


Let Black and White capture the sights, sounds, and emotions of your wedding day. With our artistic vision and creative shooting techniques, we are able to shoot stunning footage without being intrusive. Our focus is capturing the natural ambiance and the story of your special day. By transforming each unique moment into a striking cinematic experience, we’re able to present each beautiful detail for you to re-live forever!

Our highlight film shares more that just “the best moments”, we insure no detail is left unnoticed. One would be incredibly thrilled and surprised by how much a 3-5min video can share about a couple! This package is perfect for those looking for an artistically driven film that encapsulates their wedding day.

A D D O N S :


E N G A G E M E N T P H O T O S:

Let us capture your love where it all began! Our team delivers extremely personal engagement photos to ensure you remember where your love blossomed! Be it hiking mountains, sitting by a lake, or reading books, we want to showcase the couple in action!

Additional $500



& T H A N K Y O U C A R D S

 Build excitement for your wedding with professionally designed and edited invitations! Our photography and graphic design skills will sincerely amaze you! Also, remember what Mom said and don’t forget to say thank you! Our thank you cards will give a great lasting impression and provide your guests a final souvenir.

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W E D D I N G P H O T O A L B U M:

Let us build a beautiful hard copy photo album to flip through as you age. We use the highest quality materials to create a stunning centerpiece album. Have it on your coffee-table for years to come!

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P R O F E S S I O N A L P R I N T S:

Remember your wedding with our professionally printed photography. We have a wide selection of prints and styles available to fit anyone’s liking.  

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S I G N A T U R E B O O K:

Keep friends close to your heart with our one of a kind signature book! During the wedding, display the book and collect guests’ signatures and personal messages. 

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A L L P A C K A G E S R E Q U I R E A 2 0 % D E P O S I T

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