Let Black and White capture the sights, sounds, and emotions of your wedding day. With our artistic vision and creative shooting techniques, we are able to shoot stunning footage without being intrusive. Our focus is capturing the natural ambiance and the story of your special day. By transforming each unique moment into a striking cinematic experience, we’re able to present each beautiful detail for you to re-live forever!

Because each couple has their own distinctive preferences and aesthetics, we provide several different film options and shooting styles that blend perfectly with each couple unique needs.


H I G H L I G H T F I L M : $ 2495

Our highlight film is far more that just “the best moments”, we insure no detail is left unnoticed. One would be incredibly thrilled and surprised by how much a 3-5min video can share about a couple! This package is perfect for those looking for an artistically driven film that encapsulates their wedding day. Because of its compressed length, this package is perfect for those looking to share their wedding day with friends and family without putting them to sleep.


W E D D I N G F I L M : $ 4 9 9 5

A 30-40min comprehensive film that capture all the beauty of your wedding day from beginning to end. This package is a great option for those looking for an extended film that really allows couples to relive every last detail of their wedding. Typically the filming begins with early preparations as the bride and groom get ready for the day ahead, and finishes with the all the night-time festivities. It really feels like you and your guests are the stars of your own film. Along with the extended film, this package also comes with the highlight reel!


W E D D I N G C E R E M O N Y : $ 8 5 0

Our ceremony package is great for couples that only want their ceremony filmed. Along with filming the ceremony itself, the movie will set the tone leading up to the ceremony and the wedding location will be featured showcasing the uniqueness of the venue. Typically the duration of this film is just over the scheduled length of the ceremony.


A L L P A C K A G E S R E Q U I R E A 2 0 % D E P O S I T

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